Clubhouse Employment Outcomes Measurement Tool
A consensus document from the MAC, based on statewide conference calls
Introduction:  In March 2011, ICCD Clubhouse Model Programs achieved placement on the Evidenced-Based Practices list through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).  Employment outcomes for Clubhouses played a significant role in SAMSHA’s decision.  They used three journal articles to make their finding, and 2 of the articles focused on employment.  Both articles were studies of employment outcomes at a Clubhouse certified by the International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD). Certified Clubhouses follow specific guidelines* for employment systems within the Clubhouse, and they were able to objectively demonstrate strong effectiveness for this model.  Therefore, the ICCD Standards on employment should be seen as the most effective method known to secure an array of employment opportunities for Clubhouse members.  For this reason, many of the questions in this survey encourage fidelity to the ICCD Clubhouse Standards.
* The comprehensive Clubhouse employment system has a strong focus on TE development as well as expectations for SE and IE opportunities, all while utilizing generalist staffing to retain a strong WOD at the Clubhouse. 

Employment Tool Word Document
Employment Tool with detailed instructions
Employment Tool- Excel Sheet- For Tabulating Results