Anonymous Story
My time at my Rite Aid T.E.
I recently finished my first six months at my Rite Aid T.E. I really enjoyed the people that I worked with. This was the first time I’ve worked in ten years. I’m really proud of myself for this personal achievement, and I know that my family feels the same way I do. I had a lot of fun. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take on an extension at this time because of child care issues. Some day I will be able to take on another T.E. Anyone who hasn’t worked in a while and would like to re-enter the work force should consider taking on a T.E.
  – Anonymous

David's Story
My Transitional Employment Position in a hospital records office requires me to be very conscientious about my appearance. It is certainly helpful towards my goal of becoming more employable that I have to dress well and to shower and shave daily. Also, because I work every day, I’ve needed to become more regular in my sleep habits. I’ve had some difficulties concentrating on days when I didn’t sleep well. In conclusion, I’m being paid a fair wage to work a few hours in a context that requires me to be careful in my work and to be respectful of others.
- David U.

Ron's Story
When I do a T.E. it helps my self-esteem and mental health. It helps me learn some thing new. I feel that it gives me the opportunity and gives others the chance to learn. I’m grateful to the club and the  employer for furnishing me with the opportunity to be useful.
- Ron K.

Vickey's Story
Wow! I worked a T.E.
Wow – is exactly how I felt after not working at all for 6 years. I worked the T.E. at Rite Aid. The manager was great. She made it possible for me to get my hours in around clubhouse meetings and others appointments. I am so glad that the Petoskey Club arranged this word opportunity. It made me feel I had some real normalcy in my life. It gave me a defined sense of worthiness, and it led to Independent employment.
- Vickey S.