The Clubhouse International Model Recognized as an Evidence Based Practice


For those who haven’t heard the great news, the Clubhouse International Model has met the criteria and is now registered with (SAMHSA) the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s as an Evidence Based Practice (EBP).


Why does this matter?  MDHHS and other decision makers often look to practices/programs listed on the SAMHSA registry to make funding decisions.  It tells stakeholders that research has validated that Clubhouse International Model Clubhouses have positive outcomes.  Model fidelity played a critical role in the positive research results and is therefore critical in replicating the results.


What to do with this information?  1) Make sure that our Clubs are following the 36 Clubhouse standards to achieve the best outcomes for our members.  2) Do an information blitz regarding our EBP status to all Clubhouse stakeholders including members, auspice administrators, case managers, board members, local NAMI, and your representatives.   


For more specifics on the research criteria and the actual studies that were used to support the findings see the attached EBP Announcement from Clubhouse International.