Tracking Items Document

The Tracking Items (Homework) section.  Please begin this document first, since some of the items will require tracking over a one month period.  For the first two items on the sheet, feel free to make your best guess based on conversations with staff.

Tracking Items Document


Member Input Survey Document (make 20 copies)

The Member Survey.  Clubhouse should make 1/2 of their ADA (average daily attendance) complete, but at least 10 and no more than 20 members.

Member Input Survey Document


Clubhouse Consensus Survey Document

The Clubhouse Consensus Survey.  To be completed during a house meeting.

Clubhouse Consensus Survey Document 


WOD/Relationships Tool Data Entry Form

The Excel Document.  This is where you can input all of your responses, and it will give you your total score.

WOD-Relationships Tool and Entry Form (Excel)


WOD/Relationships Tool, Complete with Scoring

Full Document:  This contains all sections in one place.  This is not for entering answers, but for informational purposes.  This shows how each item is categorized and scored.

WOD-Relationships Tool, Complete with scoring